Collection: Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Share personalized messages of thankfulness with others and care for Planet Earth by sending Thanksgiving greeting cards that include the gift of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

Sharing the many things we are thankful for is an important part of our Thanksgiving traditions. Also important is sharing our thanks with those we love by giving and receiving Thanksgiving greeting cards. Whether we are gathering together with friends and family to share a beautiful dinner, or sending messages of love and care when we can’t be together, it is always a beautiful gesture to send a card expressing our message of thanks. And this year, with Thanks a Ton’s exclusive Thanksgiving greeting cards, it is easy to share thankfulness with others and take action for Planet Earth at the same time. In this way, we can thank nature itself!

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Because we are all concerned about global warming and the effects of climate change, it is important that we seize every climate solution available to us to diminish the greenhouse gases trapped in our atmosphere.

Thanks a Ton’s exclusive Thanksgiving greeting cards are a climate solution. The cards include the gift of carbon removed from the atmosphere. With our exclusive Thanksgiving greeting cards and additional seasons greeting cards that include the gift of carbon removal, people can send their thanks to their loved ones and Planet Earth in one impactful gesture.

After selecting a card to send, the next step is to select the method of carbon removal. People can choose from several different methodologies for carbon dioxide removal including the more well-known methods such as reforestation and soil carbon, and even cutting-edge technologies like bio-oil, concrete mineralization, and enhanced rock weathering. All of these methods can be applied to any Thanksgiving greeting card being sent in appreciation for this season of thanks.

So this year, people have everything needed to send personalized cards that include a strong commitment to help Planet Earth with carbon dioxide removal. Browse our beautiful selection of artistically designed cards and choose the Thanksgiving greeting cards and seasons greeting cards that will delight friends and family, and lessen the impacts of climate change.