Collection: Wedding Cards

Now it is possible to send wedding cards that also make a commitment to Planet Earth.  Marriage or civil union is a great celebration of love. We gather our friends and relatives for a unique and special ceremony to celebrate the union of the happy couple. It is a commitment to our significant other and to life. To celebrate this beautiful moment in a way that reflects people’s current values, Thanks a Ton offers exclusive wedding cards and commitment cards, as well as wedding thank you cards that also include a commitment to make the future Planet Earth a better place.

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Our exclusive wedding cards act on this commitment to Planet Earth by including the gift of carbon dioxide removal, which is removed directly from the atmosphere. Concerns about global warming and the effects of climate are rapidly increasing. These concerns hang like dark clouds over even our happiest occasions so it is important that we start using every tool available to us to combat climate change. No one wants to leave these concerns to chance when celebrating the most beautiful day of their lives. So our wedding cards and our wedding thank you cards to celebrate love.

After selecting the card you want to send, then select the method and price point for the carbon removal. We offer a number of different methodologies for carbon dioxide removal including reforestation, soil carbon, bio-oil, concrete mineralization, and enhanced rock weathering. The price points correlate with the quantity of carbon removal ranging from kilos all the way up to a ton. All of these components can be applied to the wedding cards or wedding thank you cards to create very personalized cards that can be sent to loved ones to celebrate the union of the happy couple.

So this year, share a wedding card with an even deeper meaning. Share a wedding card that also makes a commitment to Planet Earth.