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How best can people transmit their thoughts, wishes, hopes and dreams to relatives, colleagues and loved ones on a special occasion? A greeting card is a universal way to share our thoughts with others and acknowledge the special people in our lives.  And now, with Thanks a Ton's exclusive card collection, you can send greeting cards that also benefit Planet Earth by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and oceans. With each card, select the method and the price point to remove carbon dioxide by the kilos or the ton. Planet Earth thanks you.

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In the greeting card universe, oftentimes puns and jokes, and simple conventional messages are the basis of the messages being shared. And yet, such simple messages and funny greeting card messages feel inadequate now that we are living in the age of climate change.

So it is time for our greeting cards to change with the times. Greeting cards can now be made so much more impactful by sending cards that come with the added benefit of goodwill toward the planet. Our personal messages of love and care can include an action of love and care for the planet that helps to ensure positive climate action.

That is the mission of Thanks a Ton. We’re taking greeting cards to the next level! When sending Thanks a Ton’s greeting cards, you are actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus helping to mitigate our legacy greenhouse gases. So the simple act of sending a greeting card can now help fight the global warming of our planet and the environment.

Thanks a Ton offers a wide range of greeting cards for many occasions, such as birthdays, celebrations, baby showers, graduations, and more. Each and every Thanks a Ton greeting card comes with a side of carbon dioxide removal.
After selecting a greeting card, customers can easily choose the method of carbon dioxide removal they would most like to support, from more nature based soil carbon and reforestation methods to more advanced recently engineered methods such as bio-oil, enhanced rock weathering, and concrete mineralization.

Thanks a Ton’s greeting cards, which are based on a unique pairing of an artistic graphic card creation and an innovative gift offering, will be different from every other card gifted before. Make sure the thoughts and actions sent to others are meaningful and impactful, and benefit others and our planet, thanks to the added gift of carbon dioxide removal.