Collection: Congratulations Cards

Send personalized and impactful messages of congratulations that also take action in our fight against climate change by sending congratulations cards that include the gift of carbon dioxide removal.

There are many exciting moments in our lives that call for celebration. In addition to phone calls, social media posts, shared dinners and celebratory parties, one of the main ways we communicate our best wishes to others in these exciting moments is to send personalized congratulations cards that send our best wishes. Whether celebrating an engagement, a diploma, a promotion at work, or the success of a startup, Thanks a Ton has a broad range of congratulations cards that you can send for these many occasions.

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With Thanks a Ton’s exclusive card offering, a pregnancy congratulations card or a wedding congratulation card takes on another dimension. Even a graduation congratulation card can convey a deeper meaning than just the words written in the card. And that is because all of our congratulations cards include the gift of carbon dioxide removal from our atmosphere. With every card sent, a message of congratulations is transformed into action that also benefits Planet Earth.

To send a card from Thanks a Ton, the process is simple. First, select the card you want to send, then select the method and price point for the carbon removal. Then add the recipient's information and check out. We offer a number of different methodologies for carbon dioxide removal including reforestation, soil carbon, bio-oil, concrete mineralization, and enhanced rock weathering. The price points correlate with the quantity of carbon removal ranging from kilos all the way up to a ton. All of these components can be applied to all of the congratulation cards in our portfolio.

Going forward, it is important to consider the climate impact of every action we take. So this year, send congratulation cards that also benefit our Planet Earth. After all, we all want and need a safe and habitable Planet Earth to realize the dreams that accompany every pregnancy congratulations card, wedding congratulation card and graduation congratulation card we send.