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For many, the act of giving back is more important than receiving. We take great care to select cards and gifts that will be special to the recipient, whether for a wedding, a new business deal, or to raise a person’s spirits. And when we receive gifts, it is equally important to send thank you cards that best express our appreciation.

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Thanks a Ton offers a new type of thank you card. Our thank you cards allow the sender to send personalized and innovative messages of thanks and appreciation for any occasion. Perhaps when sending thank you cards for business, or wedding thank you cards, or holiday or birthday thank you cards. Our thank you cards include the gift of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. There are very few truly sustainable thank you gifts available in just a few clicks. But they are available at Thanks a Ton.

The process to send a card from Thanks a Ton is simple. First, select the card you want to send. Then select the carbon removal method and price point. Then add the recipient’s information and check out.

We can use the method of carbon dioxide removal to further personalize our thank you cards by selecting the method we are most interested in supporting. We offer a number of different carbon dioxide removal methodologies including bio-oil, concrete mineralization, enhanced rock weathering, reforestation, and soil carbon. The price points correlate with the quantity of carbon removal ranging from kilos all the way up to a ton. All of these components can be applied to any of our thank you cards to send a very personalized and innovative card that conveys our message of appreciation and takes action to help our Planet Earth.

Please browse our selection of artistically designed cards and choose the thank you card that best conveys your sentiments. Then send your card and the gift of carbon removal to your friends and family.