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Some may say there is no love, only proof of love. We certainly do not know if that is true, but if a beautiful and meaningful gesture is needed to declare or nurture your love, one of the most romantic ways is to send a truly heartfelt love card or a birthday card for lover to mark a special occasion. And if lovers or their special someone are concerned with the environment, why not make the impact of those I love you cards a little bit deeper by using our Thanks a Ton love cards?   Because love cards can also be an asset in our fight against climate change by including carbon dioxide removal.

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Because there are greater concerns everyday with global warming and the effects of climate change, it is important to seize every opportunity to join the fight. Love cards can now be a real asset in this movement. With an exclusive love greeting card offering carbon removal included, it is easy to offer love to a special someone and care for the environment at once.

Choose from our different methodologies for carbon dioxide removal: we offer the well-known reforestation, the soil carbon method, bio-oil and even cutting-edge technologies like concrete mineralization and enhanced rock weathering. All of these methods can be selected and applied to the love cards to be sent to loved ones at any time of the year.

So this year, everything needed is at your disposal to share I love you cards or send a birthday card for lover with a deeper meaning, helping our planet be a better place with less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Browse our beautiful selection of artistically designed cards and choose the love greeting card that will delight that special person in your life.