We know that the majority of carbon offset programs
aren't doing anything to reverse climate change.

That's why we focus on the 3% that are making an impact
in the form of pure carbon dioxide removal.

In 2022, only 3% of projects resulted in pure carbon removal.

Our Carbon Partners

Our Carbon Partners

What are the best carbon offset programs?

Let's address the seven tonne elephant in the room: most carbon credits, which are used to counteract or "offset" carbon emissions, don't actually offset anything. Traditional carbon offsets such as renewable energy credits (RECs), energy efficiency offsets, and REDD+ offsets focus on avoiding new emissions rather than removing existing ones.

So how can the casual buyer know what the best carbon offset programs are? Here are some key criteria we look for when vetting new partners:

Gift CO₂ Removal today:

Thanks a Ton offers greeting cards that include the gift of carbon removal.  Browse our selection of cards and explore the various carbon removal methods including biochar, bio-oil, concrete mineralization, direct air capture, enhanced rock weathering, reforestation and soil carbon. Each of these methods supports the best carbon offset programs with high quality carbon credits utilized by the burgeoning technology of carbon dioxide removal.