What percentage of my purchase goes to carbon removal?

Short answer: 50%-92%.

Long answer:

  • At our $5-$10 price points, 50%.
  • At our $25-$50 price points, 60%.
  • At our $100 price point, 70%.
  • At our ton price points, 80%-92% depending on the removal method.

The rest goes to additional expenses associated with purchasing carbon removal certificates from our trusted and vetted partners, paying Shopify transaction fees, covering our operating costs, and submitting to the grasps of late stage capitalism before living in a world where we can either pay ourselves for the value this work brings or no longer need to.

Why are some removal methods so much more expensive than others?

It comes down to the cost of the removal mechanism. For example, it's a lot cheaper to plant a tree than it is to pyrolyze biomass and and inject the resulting bio-oil underground.

So why would anyone bother with expensive solutions? The short answer is the value of durability, which you can learn more about here.


What is a ton, or is it tonne?

"Ton" is most commonly used in the USA to refer to short tons which are equivalent to 2,000 pounds.

"Tonne" or "metric ton" is equivalent to 1000 kg, or 2,204.62 pounds.

And don't get us started on long tons! 😊

Whenever we use the word "ton" we are referring to metric tons.

Who should I gift carbon removal to?

We recommend gifting carbon removal to the people you care most about, because what gift could be more impactful than carbon removal in this age of climate change?

However, if you are looking for other ideas, we also recommend gifting carbon removal to your helpful colleagues, diligent direct reports and sassy boss. Perhaps you want to say thank you to your chill neighbors for watching your house while on vacation, or how about your kid’s valiant teacher? What about celebrating occasions and holidays wtih your sustainably minded sibling, your climate change denying uncle, or your planet obsessed niece?

You can literally gift anyone carbon removal. Climate change affects everyone living on Planet Earth.