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Love is the most pure and beautiful emotion that humans can share. Putting words of love on a greeting card and sharing them with a special someone is something that comes from the heart. It could be the celebration of a special day, or nothing particular on a completely ordinary day, or a message to a beloved friend or family member. No matter the reason, love cards are always a great way to share our feelings and make them last. Now you can send a personal and impactful message of love that includes the gift of carbon dioxide removal.

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With Thanks a Ton’s greeting cards, it is now possible to go beyond sending simple love cards. Our customers can transform their heartfelt messages of love, and wedding card wishes, and Valentine’s Day cards into climate actions that truly benefit the people they love.

Thanks a Ton’s greeting cards include the gift of carbon dioxide removal which helps to mitigate greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, adding real impact and action to our love cards. After all, what conveys the emotion of love better than an action to save our climate!

By sending a wedding card that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it is possible to add real impact to the best wishes being sent to the happy couple. How better to send a wish for everlasting love to the happy couple?

We also offer Valentine’s Day cards to celebrate the universal holiday of love. Cupid’s arrow can now include the extra heft of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. Every effort we make to limit the impacts of global warming will help those arrows fly farther and straighter. So choose a Valentine’s Day card from Thanks a Ton to share your most impactful message of love.
If you are looking for a way to show appreciation for the ones you love, or send them a card “just because,” Thanks a Ton also offers love cards that can be personalized with any message.

In this way, it is possible to share the most meaningful message and boost the impact of the message by including the gift of carbon dioxide removal. Love cards can communicate both love for others and love for our planet. A beautiful and artistic love card that supports your feelings and the fight against global warming is the most romantic gesture ever.