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Celebration of a new baby inspires hopes, dreams and celebrations for a vibrant future. We send baby cards that share our best wishes for the new baby to live a long and beautiful life, and our hopes for a better future for them. But the future is uncertain. Thanks a Ton offers baby cards that include the gift of carbon dioxide removal from our atmosphere and oceans, thereby transforming our best wishes into direct and impactful action for the climate.  How better to welcome a new baby to Planet Earth than by taking action to help make our climate and Planet Earth safer for them?

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There are many ways to celebrate the birth of a new baby. We celebrate with pregnancy cards and wishes, baby shower cards and celebrations, baby wishes cards, birth announcements, baptism cards and ceremonies, naming celebrations, and 100-day celebrations. While traditions vary across different cultures, at the center of all of these celebrations are our hopes and dreams for this new life and the next generation. We also support and celebrate the mother or birthing parent as they prepare for the birth, and parents as they welcome their new baby.

However, our next generations have no control over the climate they inherit, or the hardships inherent in living in that climate. So we need to take action now. Thanks a Ton offers greeting cards that include the gift of carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere and oceans. Our curated selection of carbon removal methods includes technologies that may be more familiar such as soil carbon, reforestation and biochar, and cutting edge new technologies such as concrete mineralization, enhanced rock weathering and bio-oil. Our trusted partners offer important and impactful solutions in our fight against climate change.

So when looking for the perfect card to celebrate a new baby, whether by sending a pregnancy wishes card, a baby shower card, a new baby card or a baptism card, send a baby wishes card that also takes action to make our climate safer for our future generations. Thanks a Ton’s unique and artistic card designs will stand out for their beauty as well as for their impact on climate change. We can make a difference in the life of each new baby from early on with all of our baby wishes cards.