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The pandemic has brought all of us so much loss and made sympathy cards more important than ever. Now you can can send sympathy cards with even more impact.  Our sympathy cards not only convey messages of condolences and support; they also take direct action to help our climate by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Losing friends, family, colleagues, and so many others in our wider networks of friend circles and acquaintances has become all too familiar since the pandemic started.

Whether we have lost people directly due to Covid or by the impact the pandemic has had on our healthcare systems, we have all been touched by loss and accompanying grief. And we have had to face much of this loss and grief in isolation. Sympathy cards continue to be our most important means of expressing our messages of condolences and support to others in these uncertain times. Never before has a sympathy card held such importance.

Along with surviving the pandemic, the dire consequences of climate change have come into stark relief. And many of us have found ourselves on the front line of an additional global crisis. At Thanks a Ton, we considered these concerns and wanted to create greeting cards that allow people to send messages of comfort when sending memorial prayer cards and funeral cards, and also take direct action against climate change.

That is why we created sympathy cards that include the gift of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. In that way, we can pair hope for a better future with our messages of love and support. With our exclusive memorial prayer cards and funeral cards, we can continue our fight against the effects of climate change in memory of those we’ve lost.

We offer a number of carbon removal methodologies with our greeting cards. Most people are generally familiar with soil carbon, reforestation and biochar methods of carbon removal. But did you know there are also cutting edge technologies coming online? Learn more about concrete mineralization, enhanced rock weathering and bio-oil. All of these methods are high quality climate solution pathways that can be applied to our sympathy cards.

To send your best thoughts to friends and family struggling with loss and grief in these difficult times, send a Thanks a Ton sympathy card, memorial prayer card, or funeral card that also takes action to help our Planet Earth.