Collection: Birthday Cards

We all enjoy people remembering us and receiving thoughtful birthday wishes cards on our special day.  And the act of sending a thoughtful birthday card to a beloved someone, and letting them know they are important, is also something we enjoy. We all desire that human connection. Now, with Thanks a Ton, we can send birthday greeting cards with greater impact. Our birthday greeting cards include the gift of carbon dioxide removal.

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Now that we are living in the age of climate change, it is more important than ever that we consider the carbon impact of each of our actions, and make an effort to reduce our emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at every available opportunity.

Thanks a Ton offers its customers a way to do just that! By including the gift of carbon dioxide removal, our birthday greeting cards are concrete actions in a universal movement to help reverse the climate crisis, all in one artistic card.

Thanks a Ton offers a range of birthday greeting cards to choose from, and a curated selection of high quality carbon dioxide removal methods to accompany those birthday wishes. We offer soil carbon removal by the ton, and additional engineered solutions in various quantities of kilos and by the ton. Our customers can choose the carbon removal method, the quantity of carbon removed, and the price point that best conveys the thought and meaning behind the birthday greeting card.

So for the next birthday of a special someone, a friend, or a beloved family member, make sure to share a birthday greeting card that conveys your thoughts and care, and also works to help protect our climate. And electronically transmitted, our birthday wishes cards have a lower impact on the environment by design, while associating a special day with a special action benefiting everyone on the planet.