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Is it too late to save the planet? This Earth Day, transform the simple act of sending a greeting card into impactful climate action by sending cards with Thanks a Ton. Our sustainable corporate gifts include carbon dioxide removal with each exclusive Earth Day e-card. By choosing Thanks a Ton’s unique digital cards, you're not just showing your employees how much you value them. You're also investing in a sustainable world and taking a vital step towards protecting the planet.

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With current climate conditions, we must take action today. The challenge is tremendous; the stakes are high, but we must use plants and technology to ensure Earth’s survival. Is it too late to save the planet? Well, humanity has to discover how to liberate the atmosphere from over a trillion tons of carbon dioxide!

To give some context, most changes in the climate stem directly from excess carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, so decarbonizing every industry as practically possible is of the highest importance in carbon dioxide removal. 

So here's the deal... while climate science is complex, the answer to this question is simple: Help Mother Nature this Earth Day by investing in a sustainable world where carbon removal technology thrives!

Climate change already affects humanity's poorest and most vulnerable, so these efforts to help communities adapt are a matter of solidarity and longstanding justice. 

So, again, there is the question: Is it too late to save the planet? No, but we need to act strategically. We see three main approaches to solving climate change: 1) prevent, 2) adapt, and 3) reverse. This will ensure an actionable way of investing in a sustainable world! 

Investing in a sustainable world and rewinding time with carbon dioxide removal can repair our relationship with Mother Nature and achieve balance—this fixed relationship and balance that generations can enjoy after our time on Earth. Be a part of the movement to lower carbon dioxide emissions TODAY!

After selecting a greeting card, customers can easily choose the method of carbon dioxide removal they would most like to support, from more nature-based soil carbon and reforestation methods to more advanced engineered methods such as bio-oil, enhanced weathering, and concrete mineralization. Our greeting cards make great sustainable corporate gifts where you can use your Save the Planet quotes to make these gifts personable. You can build relationships with your employees and show how much you value them this Earth Day.