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Send personal messages of encouragement and support in get well cards to friends and family struggling with illness and injury. And support them with real action that also helps our climate to create a safer environment for them for the future by including the gift of carbon removal.

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Supporting others when they are facing illness or injury helps us feel connected to the people we care about. And that support can also be an important aspect of recovery as it helps to raise their spirits.

One of the best ways to convey our support and care to others when they are sick or injured is to send them a thoughtful and personal get well card. A get well soon card can help support those in need during their most challenging times by letting them know others care and want to share their support.

Thanks a Ton offers a unique line of greeting cards. Our cards are meant to be personalized to convey messages of love, care, support and sympathy to those we care about. And then we include the gift of carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere. Why is this important? People are struggling with so many concerns in these uncertain times, including physical health and mental health concerns.

Added on top of their existing concerns, climate anxiety is arising as a new emotion that people are just starting to understand. After all, if we fight hard to regain our health only to exist in a future where the climate is severely affected, then we haven’t really created a better future for ourselves. Thanks a Ton believes this is an important issue to address. So we created a line of greeting cards that include a climate solution pathway - carbon dioxide removal. In this way, it is possible to share a get well card with others that also generates real impact for the climate.

Caring for others who are sick or injured is something deeply rooted in us. We need to start thinking this way about our Planet Earth. We need to consider the climate impact of each of our actions and then consider how we can minimize that impact. In a way, a Thanks a Ton get well card is also a get well card for Planet Earth, expanding our care and support for others to include Planet Earth. Also, we don’t yet know how climate change will affect our health, so maintaining a healthy climate is something of an insurance policy to help us stay well in the future. Our get well soon cards help us work towards each of these considerations.

We offer a number of carbon removal methodologies with our greeting cards. Most people are generally familiar with soil carbon and reforestation methods. We aim to familiarize people with additional methods such as bio-oil, concrete mineralization, and enhanced rock weathering. All of these methods are high quality climate solution pathways that can be applied to our get well cards.

So convey your best thoughts to friends and family struggling with illness and injury with a get well soon card that also includes a deeper meaning and real action to help our Planet Earth.