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Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, and how better to profess your love than by sending a Valentine’s Day card that includes the gift of carbon dioxide removal and helps to reverse climate change? Each method of carbon dioxide removal can be paired with our Valentines cards to send love to your Valentine and Planet Earth.

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air! There are many kinds of love, and many ways of showing love to others. Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that we can openly share all of our messages of love. Although a traditional Valentines card will get the message across and a funny valentine’s may spark a laugh, this year, our Valentine’s Day cards can be so much more! With Thanks a Ton greeting cards, we can now send Valentine’s Day cards that include the gift of carbon dioxide removal and help to reverse climate change. So we can show Planet Earth some love too.

Now that we are living in the age of climate change, it is important that we seize every opportunity to join the fight. Valentine's cards can now be a real asset in this movement. With our line of exclusive valentines cards that include carbon dioxide removal, the sentiments of “Be Mine” and “Be My Valentine” can be used to send a message of love to someone special and care for the climate at once. Valentines cards can transmit messages of red hot love in Love cards to our significant other, they can be funny valentine’s for friends and children, and they can be sweet valentine’s for family. And the gift of carbon dioxide removal is the most sustainable and impactful gift possible. In this way, our Valentines cards are transformed into accessible and impactful climate solutions.

To make your impact, choose from our different methodologies for trusted carbon dioxide removal. We offer methods that might be more familiar such as soil carbon, reforestation and biochar. We also offer new cutting edge technologies such as concrete mineralization, enhanced rock weathering and bio-oil. All of these methods can be paired with our Valentines cards.

So this year, send your most impactful Valentine’s Day cards ever. Browse our selection of Valentines cards, Love cards and funny valentine’s to find the right message, and then choose from our methods of trusted carbon dioxide removal to amplify your messages of love and show Planet Earth some love too.