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Transform special occasion cards into positive action for our planet by including the gift of carbon removal.

There are many occasions in life where a card is the best way to send our best thoughts and wishes to others. These occasions call for greeting cards for happy and celebratory moments such as wedding card wishes, baby wishes cards, graduation cards, and cards of congratulations for landing a new job. They may include expressions of gratitude such as thank you cards. And they may include expressions of care and concern such as sympathy cards, and get well soon cards. But with Thanks a Ton, it is now possible to send special occasion cards with greater impact. We can take a stand against climate change with our cards by adding the gift of carbon dioxide removal. This helps to reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and benefits our planet.

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In this way, we are not just sending a graduation card to a young student. We are also sending a message about caring for our planet and their future. We are not just sending a simple thank you card with a short-lived message. We are also taking action to help maintain a healthy climate on our planet. We are not just sending a sympathy card with a message of concern or comfort. We are also putting our words into actions when people are most in need of comfort.

Thanks a Ton’s special occasion cards allow our customers to take the simple act of sending a card and transform it into positive action for our planet, which shows care for others in the best of times and the most difficult of times. It also helps to preserve our climate for future generations.

Thanks a Ton's customers are able to select which high quality method of carbon dioxide removal they wish to support. We have options that are more familiar such as soil carbon and reforestation. We also have new engineered solutions such as bio-oil, enhanced rock weathering and concrete mineralization. We are happy to share information on each technology with our customers so people can learn more about the importance of carbon dioxide removal as a climate solution, and the different co-benefits and durability of each method. With different methodologies to choose from, special occasion cards can add even more meaning to the cards we send.