Collection: Holiday Greeting Cards

Our holiday cards reflect our traditional holidays and also include the gift of carbon dioxide removal. This is a simple and elegant way to share holiday wishes with others while also helping to minimize the effects of climate change.

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Holidays are a period of joy, celebration, and gatherings with those we love. Many of us send holiday greeting cards to distant family, friends, and work colleagues, along with newsletters sharing updates from the prior year. Whether for a friendly holiday greeting card or a more formal holiday corporate gift idea, Thanks a Ton offers a portfolio of artist holiday cards that include carbon dioxide removal.

Our customers can choose the method of carbon dioxide removal from well-known removal methods such as soil carbon and reforestation, to more technical methods recently developed such as bio-oil, enhanced rock weathering and concrete mineralization. Each method of carbon removal has different co-benefits and durability. But each method is a high quality climate solution.

Thanks a Ton’s artist holiday cards are based on unique and creative designs. Pairing them with the innovative gift of carbon removal makes them unlike anything currently available for holiday greeting cards. But our cards transcend being just a beautiful gesture of joy and celebration shared with others at the holidays. They offer a climate solution for the uncertain times we now live in which will help the people we love and care for.

While competitors may be sticking with regular holiday cards and messages, Thanks a Ton cards can touch loved ones, customers, partners and anyone on the holiday list with more good wishes. Make a strong statement and make your family, company and brand part of the climate solution by sending holiday greeting cards that reduce greenhouse gases and benefit the planet.