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For many multicultural families, celebrating the holiday season means bringing together traditions of different cultures and religions. In recognition of the goodwill shared in these new multicultural traditions, we created a line of Chrismukkah Cards that are also dedicated to saving the planet by including the gift of carbon dioxide removal.

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While the term “Chrismukkah” has its current roots in pop culture, the term was first coined in 19th Century Germany.

The German term used then was “Weihnukkah”, combining the terms Weihnachten, which is Christmas in German, with Hanukkah. Little is known about how this “holiday” was celebrated at the time other than using menorah and Christmas tree iconography, and maybe sending their version of recently popularized greeting cards to loved ones, including new Chrismukkah greeting cards.

Whatever traditions are celebrated, the important part of the holiday season is to connect with family and loved ones, and let them know that you hold them in your heart during this joyous season. Part of that tradition includes sending holiday cards. Now you can send Chrismukkah cards celebrating warm Chrismukkah wishes that also show you care for Planet Earth.

While the celebration of Chrismukkah is rather cheeky, the concerns about climate change are decidedly not. So we developed our exclusive line of Chrismukkah greeting Cards to include the gift of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. This way, our cards enable people to turn their best Chrismukkah wishes into a concrete action that helps to protect our Planet Earth.

After selecting a card to send, then select a method and price point for the carbon removal. We offer a number of different methodologies for carbon dioxide removal including reforestation, soil carbon, biochar, bio-oil, concrete mineralization, and enhanced rock weathering. The price points correlate with the quantity of carbon removal ranging from kilos all the way up to a ton. All of these components can be applied to the Chrismukkah greeting cards to create a very personalized card that can be sent to loved ones.

We invite you to browse our selection of artistically designed cards and choose the Chrismukkah cards that best conveys your sentiments, and then to share your best Chrismukkah wishes and the gift of carbon removal with your friends and family.