Collection: Baby and Birth Cards

Best wishes for a new baby can now include the gift of carbon dioxide removal to help make Planet Earth safer for them.

Welcoming a new tiny human on our planet is always a special time, a truly unique moment to celebrate in the best way. When sending a baby shower card, a baby wishes card, a baptism card, or other baby celebration card, it’s not just thoughts that we are sharing when we send our best wishes. We are also sharing wishes for a long and beautiful life, and hope for a better future for them. With Thanks a Ton, we can make our wishes more personal and impactful by adding the gift of carbon dioxide removal to our baby wishes cards.

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All of our hopes, dreams and celebrations for a new baby start before birth. Depending on the traditions celebrated in the many different cultures observed on our planet, people gather in different ways before the birth to help the mother or birthing parent prepare for the birth.

One way to prepare is to send a baby shower card including kilos of carbon dioxide removal to welcome the future baby and make the planet a little safer for them. There are various methods of carbon dioxide removal available to choose from such as the more familiar methods of soil carbon and reforestation, as well as new and innovative technologies such as enhanced rock weathering, bio-oil, and concrete mineralization.

But all methods will help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, ensuring the newborn will benefit from a better environment with a Thanks a Ton baby shower card.

When the baby arrives, again we celebrate them. We gather round and support the new mother or birthing parent, and bestow our best wishes on parents and baby. Many of us send baby wishes cards and again, what could be more impactful than including the gift of carbon dioxide removal. This is our opportunity to help secure their place in a safe world.

Some time after the birth of the baby, many cultures celebrate the baby again. There are naming ceremonies, 100-day ceremonies, baptism ceremonies, and many other traditions. This is another opportunity to convey our best wishes for the baby in all their future endeavors. With Thanks a Ton’s unique and artistic card designs, our cards will stand out for their beauty as well as for their impact on climate change. We can make a difference in the life of each new baby from early on with all of our baby wishes cards.

Our next generations have no control over the climate they inherit, or the hardships inherent in living in that climate. If we are to have any chance at passing on the habitable climate we currently enjoy, we need to reduce emissions to as close to zero as fast as possible, and we need to remove gigatons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. So carbon dioxide removal is a critical step in our fight against climate change.

Now, as we send our wishes for a baby to have a long and beautiful life, and hope for a better future for them, we have the opportunity to take action against climate change and help to preserve a safe and healthy climate for them. Every baby shower card, baby wishes card, baptism card, and other baby celebration card can now include the very meaningful gift of carbon dioxide removal.