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Celebrate the holidays and your friends and family by sending Christmas greeting cards that also celebrate Planet Earth by including the gift of carbon dioxide removal.

The holiday season that comes at the end of each year is a wonderful season. Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, chances are people will be looking for Christmas greeting cards to send their best wishes to friends and family during this merry time. Thanks a Ton is the best way to do so, while also protecting Planet Earth and ensuring many more beautiful holiday seasons to come.

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Because we are all concerned by global warming and the effects of climate change, it is important to seize every opportunity to take action to minimize the worst effects of climate change. Thanks a Ton’s exclusive Christmas greeting cards can be a real asset in this movement. Because our Christmas greeting cards include the gift of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, everyone can now send holiday joy and climate protection together in one card.

After selecting the card to send, next choose the method of carbon dioxide removal. Our choices include soil carbon and reforestation, which may be more well-known. They also include new cutting-edge technologies like bio-oil, concrete mineralization and enhanced rock weathering. Each of these methods can be selected and applied to the Christmas greeting cards being sent to loved ones in the holiday season.

So this year, we make everything available that is needed to share best wishes and warmest regards Christmas cards with a deeper meaning, helping Planet Earth to be a safer place with carbon dioxide removal. Browse our beautiful selection of artistically designed cards and choose the Christmas greeting card that will inspire your friends and family.