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The big day has finally come! Graduation!! Important milestones call for big celebrations and graduation is one of the most important milestones we celebrate in life. Graduation represents the end of one era and the start of a new and even more exciting era. It is a time to move into an unknown chapter of our lives and forge a new path. And now that we are living in the age of climate change, we also need to think about the climate impact of our decisions. This year, choose a graduation card that also takes action for climate.

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What can communicate care and thoughtfulness about a graduate’s future more than sending fun eco friendly gifts that also impacts climate change? With Thanks a Ton’s exclusive carbon dioxide removal graduation cards, it is now possible to send a beautiful graduation card with a personalized message of hope for their future, along with perhaps some sage advice, that also takes direct action against climate change through carbon offsets.

When people enter a new stage in their lives a question they do not want to think about is how long to save the planet. New graduates want to focus on the exciting new adventures that they will get to experience. But this climate problem lurks in the distance. By sending these save the planet gifts, you are contributing to the optimism of the future. It is a way to engage in sustainable investing through carbon offsets.

After selecting a card, choose one of the methods of carbon dioxide removal available on our platform. We offer the more well-known methods of reforestation and soil carbon, along with new cutting-edge technologies such as bio-oil, concrete mineralization and enhanced rock weathering. All of these methods can be selected and applied to the graduation cards sent for this exceptional moment. To show support in the face of this complex problem, celebrate their accomplishments and send save the planet gifts that remove up to a ton of dioxide carbon from the atmosphere.

Here at Thanks a Ton, we help fight against the climate issue by providing carbon offsets with our save the planet gifts digital greeting cards. These fun eco friendly gifts are a way to participate in sustainable investing. So to celebrate people at this stage of their life, send graduation cards with a deeper meaning, and take real climate action to help make our planet a safer and healthier environment for them. There will be questions of how long to save the planet, but as long as we start now and contribute, we can have positive impacts through sustainable investing on this issue.

Browse our beautiful selection of artistically designed fun eco friendly gifts and choose congratulations graduation cards to show the graduates in your lives that you care about their life and Planet Earth. Share the gift of carbon dioxide removal to really impact their future so that your graduate does not have to think about how long to save the planet.