Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is the process of removing CO₂ directly from the air using various methods such as adsorption, absorption, or chemical reactions. The captured CO₂ can then be stored or utilized in different ways such as in greenhouses, injecting it underground for long-term storage, or in industrial processes. Our DAC removals are supplied by CarbonCapture.

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Transform special occasion cards into positive action for our planet by including the gift of carbon removal.

There are many occasions in life where a card is the best way to send our best thoughts and wishes to others. These occasions call for greeting cards for happy and celebratory moments such as wedding card wishes, baby wishes cards, graduation cards, and cards of congratulations for landing a new job. They may include expressions of gratitude such as thank you cards. And they may include expressions of care and concern such as sympathy cards, and get well soon cards. But with Thanks a Ton, it is now possible to send special occasion cards with greater impact. We can take a stand against climate change with our cards by adding the gift of carbon dioxide removal. This helps to reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and benefits our planet.