Collection: CO₂ Removal Method Artwork

When first looking at the many collections we have here at Thanks a Ton, you might be thinking, in what ways do these gifts for sustainability actually translate into actions to save the planet and help improve the current global climate situation. These are not just the best eco friendly gift ideas because they look amazing, but these cards actually show what methods are being used to remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. There are in fact many different CO2 removal methods that can positively improve the environment that we live in. The cards in this collection show the many solutions to stop global warming that you can choose from to help improve the world.

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We focus on carbon dioxide removal and there are many techniques that are used to remove carbon from the atmosphere. These CO2 removal methods range from biochar to direct air capture to soil carbon. We can take these actions to save the planet. Each of the methods have a different amount of impact on the atmosphere, but at the end of the day, any amount of impact is helping the world we live in. These solutions to stop global warming are important for the future.

In this collection, we have designed the cards to represent the different CO2 removal methods that are able to be chosen from. Each unique method has its own personalized card. The scenes of the cards can be a waterfall representing natural rock weathering or an underwater landscape to represent seaweed sinking and kelp forests. These gifts for sustainability represent what actions to save the planet we can take to combat the carbon dioxide surplus we have in our atmosphere.

If you are stuck on what to get your co-worker for their birthday, why not try out one of these gifts for sustainability. You can tell them that with one of our CO2 removal methods cards, they are credited for helping out the environment, and they might think better of you. These are the best eco friendly gift ideas because they actually show solutions to stop global warming and how
they are impacting the fight against global warming.