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There is always a good reason to send a beautiful card to someone, whether it is for a holiday, a business meeting, saying thank you to a friend, or really any occasion. Thanks a Ton offers greeting cards like no other company. We offer greeting cards with beautiful and unique designs, allowing our customers to send artist cards, artist Christmas cards and artist greeting cards. But they are not just artistic cards.  Our artist cards, especially, reflect special occasions and carbon removal methods. They also include the unique and innovative gift of carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere.

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Because the effects of climate change are becoming more severe each year, we need to take action now to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. So in addition to our offering of artist cards, Thanks a Ton’s customers also have the opportunity to select the method and quantity of carbon dioxide removal that accompanies each greeting card. Nothing less than the habitable future of the planet is at risk, so Thanks a Ton has curated a selection of proven carbon dioxide removal methods by trusted companies developing and scaling new climate technologies. This way, our customers can make value decisions that allow them to combine the aesthetics of the artist cards with the impact of carbon dioxide removal with each greeting card that is sent.

We offer different methods of carbon dioxide removal to suit our customers’ needs, in addition to educational information on the various methods so people can learn more about the need for and importance of carbon dioxide removal. We also offer a wide range of unique artistic card designs to ensure that our customers’ artist greeting cards and artist Christmas cards stand out from the crowd.

We also have a selection of artistic business cards that will align with business needs, making it easy for customers to choose from our options, and ensuring a strong act against global warming in a simple and elegant manner. Greeting cards by artists with a strong statement in the fight against climate change is now, more than ever, a necessity for our business considerations, and we are inspired to deliver.