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As we are now living in the age of climate change, it is getting more complicated to select a gift that is thoughtful and personal.  We must also consider the environmental impact and carbon footprint of each card and gift we send.  So people are now seeking out eco friendly gifts that best convey our thoughts and appreciation while not harming Planet Earth.  Thanks a Ton has a solution!  We offer sustainable gifts that actually help us in our fight against climate change like few environmentally friendly gifts can.

So for a personal and thoughtful eco friendly gift, send a Thanks a Ton card that includes the gift of carbon dioxide removal.

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Thanks a Ton offers a broad range of eco friendly gifts in the form of exclusive artistically designed greeting cards that include the gift of carbon dioxide removed directly from the atmosphere. After selecting a card, next select the method of carbon dioxide removal.

We offer a number of methods including bio-oil, concrete mineralization, enhanced rock weathering, reforestation and soil carbon, with more methods to come. All of these methods can be selected and applied to eco friendly gifts sent to friends, family, business partners, and colleagues.

With Thanks a Ton’s exclusive card and gift offering, everything is now available to share sustainable gifts that make a real impact on climate, helping Planet Earth to be a safer place for all of us in the future.

Browse our beautiful selection of artistically designed cards and choose environmentally friendly gifts that will inspire friends, family and more.